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 On the topic of grief....

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PostSubject: On the topic of grief....   Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:49 pm

Due to the massive amount of grief from AVO fan boys, I propose a better way.

Factions: being a powerful anti griefing tool, by itself is able to protect against most forms of grief.
If you were to look at the moderator/mother/grandmother/engineer factions, and how spread out they are, over around 14 upgraded users, have separate factions (granted that some are in factions together. ALONG WITH innumerable users that frequent the server, that we have come to call "trusted" or even "family" Razz

I propose; we unify the factions; create one ruling factions, that will encompass around 25 people, if not more (sorry if my numbers are off...)

Faction name: Guardians

Factions Admin: ImGhostie (duh)

Faction Mods: Mezmorizzed, Reddin, AdmiralAdjective, Blahound, Seioch, AlricNarccus, 405armsdealer, Whakkez, Wobl, CynicalCondor, DarkClasko, emcdona, Zayafire

Faction members: (regular users) Anyone whom we have dubbed as trustworthy.

Faction Description: The omnipotent ruling class. For registration details, see the recruitment office at spawn.
(I'll work on a recruitment office, as soon as I'm done with this post Razz )

If ANYONE has an critique of this idea, or a better idea altogether, please, I implore you, SPEAK UP!!

This public service announcement brought to you by
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PostSubject: Re: On the topic of grief....   Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:27 pm

I think we should call it NIGGAAAAAA
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On the topic of grief....
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