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 Don't ban Usa959

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PostSubject: Don't ban Usa959   Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:36 pm

Look, Ok he was using a fly mod, and he KNOWS that he wasn't allowed to use it.
But he only used it to kill a griefer, so I mean that has been illegal since I first joined (And that was at least a year ago) and has probably been illegal long before that but, I mean come on, Seriously?
Guys If the mods want to ban him I understand, but he gave everyone their stuff (What he found of it) and then stopped using fly mod afterwards.
So please don't ban him

I'm sure he will stop using fly mod once MCG199 is banned (hint, hint)

Yours sincerely
~ Darkthorngamer
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Don't ban Usa959
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